JDC Structural Alterations



Structural alteration schemes enable an existing building to be reconfigured, renewed, or repurposed to accommodate layouts for contemporary working and living environments. Our comprehensive ‘cut and carve’ techniques form the basis of an array of structural alterations.

JDC Structural Alterations




Our engineered solutions, structures, or support systems enable the construction, maintenance, or use of a permanent structure. These solutions are designed to provide stability, safety, and efficiency during the construction process, ensuring that the final structure can be built as planned. Temporary works are an integral part of construction projects and often involve intricate planning and engineering.



We provide specialist diamond drilling, floor and wall cutting services for various needs such as; creating new openings, structural alterations, removing structures etc. We deal with reinforced concrete, blockwork, brick, stone and granite.



We provide an immediate response, supported by robust procedure that enables us to manage incidents successfully from our initial arrival through to completion and handover. Out demolition engineering solutions provide clients with expertise to safely and cost effectively deal with the challenges of complex, dangerous structures. Recent examples of this service in action include the aftermath of Storm Ciaran.



We provide specific demolition engineering expertise to projects with complex structures to ensure that we find solutions to meet project requirements.



Project planning should always consider the waster production and the impact on the local environment. Our comprehensive waste management plans enable you to plan your project in more detail. Knowing what quantities of materials will be generated from demolition or deconstruction and the options for dealing with these. We also offer a comprehensive tracking tool which can assist projects in showing various environmental sustainability goals.



JDC’s commitment to sustainability extends to our extensive reclamation process. We identify materials which can be re-used, re-cycled or re-purposed and ensure that we create pathways for these materials to be reclaimed. We do this ourselves and also by partnering with various local initiatives, charities and businesses to maximise our reclamation activities.



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