JDC Our Approach Demolition in Jersey



JDC has provided exceptional services to Jersey’s construction industry since 1966. We are always improving and adapting to the needs of our clients and the industry to ensure that our working practices are of the highest standards.


We are uncompromising in our approach to Quality Assurance. We hope to achieve ISO 9001-2015 accreditation in 2024 and have other professional accreditations.


With our comprehensive range of in-house capabilities, cutting-edge machinery, and an environmental waste management and action plan, we consistently achieve exceptional outcomes that are on point, on budget, and on time, prioritising safety, environmental protection, and quality.

JDC Our Approach Demolition in Jersey - Sustainable


Our commitment to environmental responsibility is rooted in our desire to protect and preserve Jersey’s natural resources and contribute to sustainable development.


We have a comprehensive Environmental Action Plan, which guides our approach to all projects. To enhance our own responsibility, we are members of the Eco Active business network.

JDC Our Approach Demolition in Jersey - Sustainable
JDC Our Approach Demolition in Jersey - Social Value


We are driven by the need to invest in our local community and ensure that our work benefits the island population. We track and measure key indicators on certain projects and as a company generally to show the actual value, in pounds and pence, that we contribute to society.


It is clear that the industry faces some very real challenges: skills shortage, employee well-being and quality of life, diversity, sustainability, environmental impact to mention a few.


The positive legacy and perception of the construction industry in Jersey is essential to JDC. By making ethical, sustainable and efficient choices we can ensure that our impact leads the way in the demolition industry in Jersey.



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